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Loss of Database

If your account was created before the 10-23-2010 your account was probably lost in a massive database corruption.

You can re-regester or send a copy of your original activation e-mail to the Forumadmin.

Contact the Forumadmin if you need more details.

Creating an account with a user name that was already in use by another forum member will not be tolerated. Any instances of this will be dealt with strongly.

Account Expiration

House cleaning is done on a regular bases and any accounts that have been inactive for 90 days are removed.

Activity is defined as the following: Logging in or posting.

Were you Banned?

You WILL be notified if you are banned.

If know you were banned your account may or may not be gone.

Depending on the level of ban you received it may be a temporary revocation or a complete account shut down.

Creating a new account to replace a banned account WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

If you need farther information about this contact the Forumadmin.

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